China’s Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi(HSK) is a standardized Chinese proficiency test recognized by governments and corporations worldwide. It’s an international standardized exam that evaluates the Chinese language abilities of non-native Chinese speakers.

Jasmine Mandarin offers one of the leading HSK preparations courses with an exceptional record of student pass rates.

Native teachers with expertise in HSK examinations will assist your journey to achieving HSK certification and speed your progress to Chinese Mandarin Proficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HSK is an internationally recognized standard examination in China called the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. Otherwise known as the Chinese Proficiency Test, it recognizes and certifies nonnative speakers in the Mandarin language.

Companies or professional industries and even universities that require Mandarin language skills will accept the HSK certificate as a proven level of attainment in the Mandarin language.

Whether you wish to study in China, enjoy a gap year or foreign exchange program, and start a new career in some of the world’s leading companies in China or even open doors and opportunities in Asia, an HSK certificate will boost your credentials for prospective employers and a recognized certificate of Mandarin language proficiency.

Successfully obtaining an HSK certificate adds critical points to the visa application form when you visit China whether for business, studying or professional career. Here are the scores and credits. See how much you can get.


Test Centers can be found all over the world in many countries.

All Jasmine teachers are certified teacher holders of minimum BA. They are all native Chinese and bilingual speakers. All teachers speak high standard Mandarin language. Friendly and professional they cater to your progress and action plan.

We absolutely support free online materials providing language access to all and helping to spread the love of language learning and Chinese culture. As free materials can give you a basic concept of the structure of Chinese, it is too fragmented to provide a school like learning environment to build the habit of learning. A fully structured course would benefit by working around your current vocabulary and fluency. Therefore having that 1-1 support and learning platform to track your learning progress would enhance your ability to master the language faster and more effectively.

We are dedicated to bridging the culture diversity all over the world and as Han people we welcome everybody with the same open arms. Hanbridge Mandarin, since 2008 have helped 1000’s of students to achieve their Chinese language goals and certifications. By providing full comprehensive course materials, dedicated professional teachers and convenience, we are one of the leading Mandarin institutions and dedicated to continuing bridging people for next decade.

The passing score for the exam is

120 out of potential 200 points for HSK 1 and 2.

180 out of potential 300 points for HSK 3 and 4 and 5.

There is no pass threshold for HSK 6 and therefore depends on the requirements of prospective employers or universities.

Absolutely, there is no limit for taking the exam. When you eventually pass the exam and obtain the certificate, you could proudly produce it to prospective employers and have the utmost confidence.

Yes if you require assistance with your application, please contact our course consultants who can advise on dates, locations, and exam application filling. Whilst engaging in one of the HSK preparation courses, your course consultant will also help with the exam applications.