Chinese Immersion Course

  1. Learn in one or two weeks what takes months in other programs.
  2. Day-to-day on campus lessons with real-life situational practice outside the classroom.
  3. Practical and real-world language usage focus.

Immersion Approach

Using multi-media, role plays, games, and real world activities provides a combination geared to swiftly cultivate confidence and fluency.

Dives right into Chinese language and culture to get quick, measurable results.

Matters You Care About

Our professional staff is highly trained in the latest language teaching methodology, and our approach is thoroughly modern
and inspirational. We have incorporated ideas from different cultures and all parts of the globe to ensure that studying at Hanbridge Mandarin
is your fast track to communicating in Mandarin.

Immersion Schedule

After assessing your Chinese language level, we tailor a course for your needs. Students may select a schedule that runs five, ten or twenty days. In addition, students may choose fixed group lessons or one-on-one custom lessons.

A "Typical" Day

The Jasmine Mandarin immersion course is built on an ever-changing set of activities and real-world experiences. We can’t guarantee exactly what you’ll do on a typical day, but we can guarantee that you will greatly improve your Mandarin and you won’t be bored!

  1. Requirement Confirm
  2. A 10% Tuition Deposit
  3. Access & Plan
  4. Start Class

We offer two options for accommodations: hotel or a home-stay with a Mandarin-speaking Chinese family.

Course Centers

Our immersion course center is located in new district of Wuxi. Our training center is equipped with the latest teaching tools and digital devices and feature a welcoming environment.

Amazing Wuxi

Located in the Changjiang River Delta in Southern Jiangsu Province, Wuxi is known as the “Small Shanghai.”