Learn Chinese Online with Jasmine Mandarin School

The best place to learn Chinese is in China. The bad news is it isn’t always possible to move here to study. But the good news is you can
enjoy easy and fun Chinese learning online face-to-face in a virtual classroom with our experienced teachers.

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Our Advantages

Virtual Classroom

Learn Chinese online with live, professional and experienced teachers – native speakers with college degrees in language teaching.

Multimedia Teaching

Our video, audio and e-whiteboard technology makes taking classes across the world feel like across the table.

Abundant Curriculum

Jasmine Mandarin covers all areas of Chinese language and we are equipped to teach you any content you require.

Customized Learning

We custom your study plan and provide personal service.

Buy with Confidence

Secure online payments and a risk-free refund policy.

Two Online Options

One-on-One Class

A private class provides a student with the most individualized curriculum and learning tools. The teacher’s full attention is focused on you, and you can get immediate and effective feedback to help you can make progress quickly.

Group Class

Taking an online class as part of a group can be one of the best way to study Chinese online.Group Chinese learning provides many opportunities to interact and learn from others successes and setbacks.

How it works