Standard Pronunciation Course

Chinese Pinyin, which is also called Chinese Phonetic system. It is a very important tool for Chinese learning. This course is designed for beginners or students who want to have a good and systematic foundation of Chinese pronunciation. You are going to learn the initials, finals, tones and syllables.We will help you to Improve your listening skills to discern each individual tone, practice words, phrases, and sentences and form fluent sentences with the tones to sound like a native speaker. After finishing this course, you will be able to use Pinyin to mark the characters, to make notes in your class, and use it to make your conversations, etc.

What you will learn from the course?

Standard Chinese Pronunciation Course includes:

1, An overview of Pinyin

2, 23 initials which will be divided to 7 groups as follows:

1)b,p,m,f          2)d,t,n,l              3)g,k,h          4)j,q,x        5)z,c,s          6)zh,ch,sh,r           7)y,w

3, 36 finals which will be divided to 9 groups as follows:

1)a,o,e,i,u,ü         2)ai,ei,ui          3)ao,ou,iu          4)ie,üe,er          5)an,en,in,un,ün

6)ang,eng,ing,ong         7)ia,iao,ian,iang,iong          8)ua,uo,uai,uan,uang,ueng          9)üan

4, How to Write Chinese Pinyin?

After finishing this course, you will get a very good understanding and a lot of practice of all Pinyin letters and syllables. And you will also be able to write beautiful Chinese Pinyin.

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