Our Vision

A leading provider of quality mandarin Chinese education with excellent customer service and operational excellence in a professional and experienced environment.

Jasmine aims at connecting people from the world with China and Wuxi; inspire new knowledge and understanding through language and culture training.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high-quality language and culture education in a creative, efficient and fun way.

Whether you are looking to study part or full time, an intensive or long-term course, at home, work or at our school, or study for an official language test , we have an option for you. Our language teaching method is exclusive to our school and we go at great lengths to ensure that we only work with the best certified teachers out there.

Our Story

Our story begins when our founder Jasmine Chen, a professional linguist with over ten years of language training in China under her belt, identified the opportunity of providing good quality Mandarin training in Wuxi. Wuxi is a morden city with over 6 million inhabitants with a rich cultural past and one of the oldest cities in China.

Spoken by nearly 1.3 billion people in the world as their native language, Chinese is quickly growing in importance. Mandarin is now being offered in public schools and training institutes in over 100 countries and the list grows every day. Whether it is to prepare your child for the future, do business in or with China, or learn as an adult to expand your languages skill set, Jasmine will help you in your quest to learn this beautiful language.

Our Brand

Jasmine called the school “Jasmine” in honour of her own English name and the flower, which is an important cultural and historical symbol for China. Jasmine, who grew up in a city close to Wuxi still remembers the first time that she visited the city when a lady in one of Wuxi’s many street markets placed a Jasmine flower in her hair as she walked by.

The Jasmine flower has its origins in the south of China, close to Wuxi’s location. It’s a symbol of the richness of the area and there are many local legends and folk songs connected to it.