Chinese Pinyin Course


We call Chinese Phonetic system as Pinyin. Pinyin is a very important tool for all learners. This course includes 27 videos (2 hours and 37 mins 20 seconds).

We have all in one place:

1, An overview of Pinyin

2, 23 initials  (We divide them to 7 groups as follows):

1)b,p,m,f          2)d,t,n,l              3)g,k,h          4)j,q,x        5)z,c,s          6)zh,ch,sh,r           7)y,w

3, 36 finals (we divide them to 9 groups as follows):

1)a,o,e,i,u,ü         2)ai,ei,ui          3)ao,ou,iu          4)ie,üe,er          5)an,en,in,un,ün

6)ang,eng,ing,ong         7)ia,iao,ian,iang,iong          8)ua,uo,uai,uan,uang,ueng          9)üan

4, How to Write Pinyin well?

5, All Possible Pinyin Syllables

Trial lessons:

An Overview of Chinese Pinyin                         Watch it now!

How to Pronounce ‘a,o,e,i,u,ü’ Correctly?      Watch it now!

How to pronunce “zh,ch,sh,r” correctly?          Watch it now!

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Topics for this course

28 Lessons

An Overview of Chinese Pinyin

An Overview of Chinese Pinyin00:8:55
Qiqi Recites Initials, Finals and Overall Recognition Syllables00:01:29

How to Pronounce Initials correctly?

How to Pronounce Finals Correctly?

How to Write Chinese Pinyin?

All Possible Pinyin Syllables in Mandarin Chinese?

the Table of Combinations of Initials and Finals in Common Speech is attached here. You can practice with the videos.

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I didn't think I needed the Pinyin Course because I was learning a lot of it on Tiktok. I am sure happy I decided on this course! Everything on Pinyin is all in one place and Jasmine demonstrates certain sounds with her teaching techniques. I highly recommend even if you think you know Pinyin. You will learn so much more and the courses are broke up in sections which are easy to navigate.