Standard Chinese Pronunciation Course


Chinese Pinyin, which is also called Chinese Phonetic system. It is a very important tool for Chinese learning. This course is designed for beginners to learn Chinese Pinyin. The course includes 20 videos which are as long as 2 hours and 25 mins 54 seconds.

Standard Chinese Pronunciation Course includes:

1, An overview of Pinyin

2, 23 initials which will be divided to 7 groups as follows:

1)b,p,m,f          2)d,t,n,l              3)g,k,h          4)j,q,x        5)z,c,s          6)zh,ch,sh,r           7)y,w

3, 36 finals which will be divided to 9 groups as follows:

1)a,o,e,i,u,ü         2)ai,ei,ui          3)ao,ou,iu          4)ie,üe,er          5)an,en,in,un,ün

6)ang,eng,ing,ong         7)ia,iao,ian,iang,iong          8)ua,uo,uai,uan,uang,ueng          9)üan

4, How to Write Chinese Pinyin?

After finishing this course, you will get a very good understanding and a lot of practice of all Pinyin letters and syllables. And you will also be able to write beautiful Chinese Pinyin.

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20 Lessons

An Overview of Chinese Pinyin

An Overview of Chinese Pinyin00:8:55
Qiqi Recites Initials, Finals and Overall Recognition Syllables00:01:29

How to Pronounce Initials correctly?

How to Pronounce Finals Correctly?

How to Write Chinese Pinyin?

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