Jasmine Summer Camp Features

Chinese peers’ communication day

On one of the learning days, local Chinese kids will join the camp. Together,Chinese students and non-Chinese students can practice language, share ideas and co-operate in tasks. This would be a great chance for language usage and building international friendship.

Social observation project

Each student will be assigned a local Chinese person from various backgrounds as an interviewee for the project. Student will need to do background research, draft an interview plan and learn to conduct an interview using a pyramid structure like a professional journalist. A short video covering the interview and the student’s social observation will be made as the final project.

Festival-themed cultural lesson

It is Chinese festival season during the camp weeks: Dragon Boat Festival and Midautumn Festival. We’ll learn about the festivals, do festival-themed handcraft and festival food cooking. e.g. Making Chinese bubble tea/ rice dumplings/mooncake/Dragon Boat Festival sachet/Chinese paper lanterns, etc.

Experiencing local Chinese curriculum

For intermediate and advanced level, some of the language lesson materials are selected from local Chinese text books by Ministry of Education, which will help push the learners’ Chinese proficiency to native level.