Q & A

1. How do I know which level my kid is in?
All the students will need to take an online assessment before the first learning day. They will be assigned to the appropriate camp and group.

2. How many students are there in one class?
There are 4 students in one class, which ensures each student can get enough attention from the teachers. If there are fewer than 4 students for a
class, we will adjust the time and class with full communication. If a class cannot be opened due to insufficient number of students, Jasmine Mandarin reserves the right to change and cancel the course. 

3. What is online learning with Jasmine Mandarin like?
You can find learning materials, lesson information, lecture notes and homework, as well as lesson recordings on the Jasmine Mandarin online platform. Parents and students can easily trace progress and review the lessons. The online classroom enables the teachers to share lesson slides, videos and audio, making learning more dynamic and fun. 

4. Is the course focused on the HSK exam?
The course is focused on the practical use of Mandarin and a fun cultural experience. We use HSK levels as one of the ways to differentiate groups in
different Chinese levels. 

5. What else do my kids need to do besides attending the online lessons?
We’ll provide materials in various forms (PDF, audio and video) for the students to preview and review the lessons. There will also be after-class
tasks and plenty of supplementary content. 

6. What is the activity box? What’s in it?
The activity box contains physical materials for activity lessons, including handcraft materials, Chinese painting materials and game materials.

7. What if I do not have time for the whole term?
You are welcome to join us with a reduced price when you cannot join a full term. For instance, it is $400 for joining for five days.

8. What if I’m not familiar with online learning?
A text or video version of the guidance of Jasmine Mandarin online learning platform will be provided. We’ll also conduct equipment tests in advance to ensure everything is fine for the online lessons. You can always reach our service staff for help anytime.

9. What is the Final performance and presentation day like?
On the last day of the summer camp, students will put on a performance and present what they’ve learned and achieved. There will be an award ceremony following it.