Jessie Zang

Mandarin Teacher

Education Background

Graduate Institution: Jiangsu City Vocational College

Major: Business English

Work Experience

2014.9~2016.3    “Laixue”  English Training Center                                     English Teacher

I taught English to different groups of Chinese students in “Laixue”.  

2016.4~2018.3     Mandarin Education  Training Center of Wuxi               Chinese Teacher

I taught Mandarin Chinese to students from many countries, such as America, England, Italy, France, Korea, etc. I was also sent to different foreign companies to teach groups of foreign students. I helped students to learn many Chinese Courses.

2019.1  till now          Jasmine Language School                                           Chinese Teacher

I am teaching different foreign students in Jasmine Campus. Jasmine also send me to different companies that they cooperate with now. The courses I am teaching here are oral Chinese, Standard Chinese, HSK preparation Course, etc.   


My students learn Chinese happily with me and I also enjoy teaching them. I think I will work as a mandarin Chinese teacher during my lifetime.

All of my students who learnt HSK course passed the HSK tests with good score. And my students can socialize with local Chinese people very well. I am very proud of myself and I also hope I can teach more international students. I hope to see you in my Class.