Shoresun Shao

Mandarin Teacher

Education Background

Graduate Institution: Suzhou University

Major: B.A. in Journalism

Work Experience

2014~2016                  Mandarin Training Center(Suzhou)                          Chinese Teacher

2016 till now                 Jasmine Language School                                        Chinese Teacher

I teach oral Chinese courses, Standard Chinese courses and Chinese culture courses in Jasmine. I also developed plenty of teaching materials to support my class with foreign students. I enjoyed much to work for Jasmine.


I am skillful for teaching Chinese to foreigners. I am also a Wuxinese, so I am familiar with Wu dilect and Wu culture. I’ve taught many international students for over 15 years. My students impressed with my sense of humor in the class. I also immersed my students in Chinese culture, so they could get a deep understanding of China and Chinese people.