If you are a foodie, then Yangshan town is a place you don’t want to miss.

Located in western Wuxi, Yangshan is the main production area of the Yangshan Honey Peach, a special variety of peach that is famous throughout the country and has given Yangshan a unique peach culture.

The peach industry has provided a significant boost to the local agricultural and tourism industries in recent years, according to organizers.

Various peach-related activities are held year-round, including the peach blossom festival and marathon in spring, peach-picking events in summer, and some cultural activities.

“Yangshan is not only the home of the honey peach, but also a lovely place for relaxation and entertainment,” said another member of the group.

  • A woman dressed in traditional Chinese clothing picks a peach in an orchard in Yangshan town.

                               The famous Yangshan Honey Peach


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